Rumors around the Internet have shown that popular rapper, Soulja Boy, is the latest celebrity to spark a sex tape rumor. However, this sex tape is one of controversy, as it is alleged to be a sex tape of homosexual nature. DeAndre Cortez Way (born July 28, 1990), better known by his stage name “Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em”, or simply “Soulja Boy” is rumored to have appeared in a home-made porn with another male that has recently leaked on the internet.
The tape allegedly shows footage of DeAndre engaging in sexual activities with another male.

Way’s representative have yet to comment on the validity of the rumour.


boing publishes “your” instead of “you’re”, of course, this was in a quote, but it needed to be blogged somehow.

starcraft 2 was announced last night. it’s vista only, and it’s YARTS game. blizzard is going to get sued like crazy because of all the koreans that die from this one. gg bliz. here’s footage of actual gameplay. looks nice. take a good look koreans, it may be the last thing you ever see.

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ffs… this css bullshit is bullshit.

bums deserve to explode.

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